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About Us

About Us

About :

Towards Education and Ensuring Lasting Change for Children!!

CHILDREN WATCH was established and registered by child rights workers and grassroots women workers in 2006. Children Watch commits itself to ensure that all children especially marginalized children achieve thru their mobilization, education, expression of themselves, and active participation on the aspects that concern children, women and the larger society. It opted to work all over Tamil Nadu; however restricts itself to work in Kanchipuram and nearby districts around Chennai. Children Watch works with families of Irula Tribe, Dalits who face exploitation, and discrimination at the hands of age old caste system that exists for centuries.

We believe the following strategies to facilitate the development of the target families, they are;

• Mobilization of target families into groups
• Strengthening the office bearers’ knowledge, skills and competencies to enhanced their skills in facilitation & governance
• Educate the target communities on bring positive changes in the lives and livelihoods of them by working with the communities that keep the target families under exploitation.
• Sensitize the communities, families, individuals on gender perspectives, child friendlier practices, eco friendlier day to day practices and behaviour.
• Target families become agents of social reformation, and change to ensure that all are enjoying the fruits of development, inventions and the natural resources.

Our Beliefs:

Dalit and Tribe Communities: We believe that every member of the marginalised Dalit and Irula Tribe Community deserves to attain their basic Education and Human Rights

Children: We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to attain their rights, stay in school, continue their studies and move to other levels of education and to protect his or herself from all sorts of exploitations and abuses.

Women: We believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to attain their rights, sustainable and development

Our Values:
Integrity – We will be honest and transparent in our work and programs and ensure our accountability to our people, Governments and the donors.

Collaboration – We will effect changes by working together with like-minded organizations, Government organisations, departments, insinuations, grassroots and individuals.

Enterprise – We believe in joint actions/working in solidarity with others that bring about desired results and outcome.

Our Vision:
Creation of a facilitative environment for Children, Women, Youth of Dalits & Tribes, where they are enjoying their Rights and respected with human dignity and honor.


Empowering marginalized, oppressed, socially and economically excluded communities, to build their own environment with necessary structures and systems, to address the challenges and needs on their own collectively to ensure sustainable development to all members. Enhancing their self-confidence and self-esteem through their collective actions and working together! Ensuring target families are achieving Sustainable Development Goals are achieved and benefit from these achievements without any hurdles, obstacles and restrictions that is based purely on their Caste, Sex, Creed, Religion or Language.

Legal Status:

Registration: Children Watch is a registered Public Charitable Trust under Indian Trusts Act of 1882

Registration number & date: 923/2006 dated: September 22, 2006

Exempted under Income Taxes Act of 1961 u/s 12A: DIT (E) No: 2(1164)09-10/30/8/2010.

Exempted under Income Taxes Act of 1961 u/s 80G: DIT (E) No: 2(1164)09-10/dt.14.3.2012

NGO Darpan Unique ID: TN/2017/0165119

FCRA registration: 075820390 – Dated 30.10.2010

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