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• Children are facing challenges in India from their infancy to their late childhood and that increases if they are tribe, dalits and minorities. Children drop outs, nonstarters, child workers, are on the increase especially among tribes, and dalits communities due to sheer poverty and marginalization of their families.

• Children Watch engages itself in educating the children, their parents, relatives, neighborhood families and other stake holders on child rights, children education, children rights to freedom of association, education, plays, childhood experiences, nutrition, family, name, etc.
• Children Watch enables children of Irula Tribe families to enroll into the schools once they are eligible, mainstreaming if they are drop outs situations, and release them if they are child workers alone or with their parents.

• It runs, after school education centers, mainstreaming bridge courses/ workshops, school stationaries supplies, payment of school tuition and other fees, enroll them into the boarding system to continue their studies, guidance for their studies and higher studies.

• It has recently initiated child sponsorship exclusively for Irula Tribe children to bring strong changes in the education of Irula tribe children.

• Children Watch sensitizes the parents, family members on the importance of children education and sustaining of the children education seizing the opportunities for tribe students.

• Campaign against Child Marriages and prevention of child or teen marriages.

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